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Mallikarjun Avula
Computer Engineering


Thejaswi Raya
Computer Science

Secretary & Web Director

Shreyas Purohit
Computer Science

Cultural Coordinator

Avinash Surya Prakash
Industrial & Systems Engineering


Vineetha Bettaiah
Computer Science

Student Advisor

Raghuram Godavarthi
Electrical Engineering

Activities and Achievement
1. A banner cum logo for Indian Student Organization was created.
2. New website was developed that uses a content management system.
3. A constitution for the Indian Student Organization was developed.
4. The first Hindi drama "Huntsville-2-Haridwar" was staged in Huntsville under the 
    supervision of the Indian Student Organization advisor Dr. Ranganath.
5. A one day trip to Six Flags over Georgia was arranged for with travel costs being 
    taken care of by ISO.
6. Holi was conducted with color play in the morning and free Dinner at night.
7. A potluck and movie night event was conducted where many Indian and 
   International students participated.
8. ISO took part in International Festival and arranged for a display booth at the 
    venue and contributed 5 Indian dishes to the event.
9. Diwali was celebrated with free dinner to all students.
10. An amount of $1500 was provided towards a scholarship initiative which will be 
   under Dr. Ranganath.
11. For the first time, online election was introduced for the selection of the next